The Difference a Good Diet and Adipex Make to Weight Loss in 9 Weeks


Adipex Weight Loss in 9 weeks

Do you want to lose some weight? Do you want to achieve that weight loss in 9 weeks? Then it is a great idea to employ a good diet, along with top rated weight loss pills.

When it comes to prescription diet pills, one of the most commonly prescribed options is Adipex. How can it help you achieve weight loss in 9 weeks, particularly when you follow a good diet as well? Check out the info below to learn more.

How Much Weight Loss Can You Expect to Achieve in 9 Weeks?

Before embarking on a path that will allow you to lose weight in a little over two months, you should have an idea of what is considered a safe amount of weight to lose in that time period. Basically, experts generally recommend that you try to shed just a pound or two per week in order to keep things safe. Therefore, over the course of 9 weeks, the goal can be to lose anywhere from 9 to 18 pounds.

It Starts with Your Diet

According to Healthline, when you take in fewer calories, you can begin to see results.

  • If you’re a woman, you can aim to consume anywhere from 1,000 calories to 1,200 calories each day.
  • On the other hand, if you are a man, you can consume around 1,600 calories.

If you focus on cutting back your calorie intake by 500 to 1,000 per day, through both healthy eating and consistent exercise, you can achieve the weight loss of 1 or 2 pounds per week.

What Can Adipex Do for You?

Adipex can help you shed excess weight by suppressing your appetite. It is designed to be taken for a short span of time to help you see better results than you would achieve with diet and exercise alone, so it can be a helpful tool when you want to achieve weight loss in 9 weeks.

Here’s the thing about Adipex, though: it isn’t right for everyone. Your doctor will need to evaluate you to decide if it would be safe for you to take this diet pill. Plus, it can cause side effects, some of which are serious and severe, so you should let your doctor know right away if side effects do occur while using this product.

This Combo Can Make a Difference

Bottom line – if you have the right diet strategy, and you are using a diet pill, such as Adipex or one of the many products you can buy over the counter, you can achieve great results!

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