Lose Weight Fast by Eating Like a Caveman


eating like a caveman to lose weight

Eating like a caveman? Really? Now you’ve heard everything. Well it’s true and people are doing it all over the place! So, can you lose weight fast by eating like a caveman? Yes, you can and here is why it works.

How Does Eating Like a Caveman Actually Work?

When we were cavemen—we were hunter-gatherers. This means we are eating anything we can shoot and kill as well as anything we can gather off a bush or tree etc.. so the main staples of this diet are meat of any kind, fish and berries, nuts and fruits. Sounds like just “normal” eating doesn’t it? Well it is, but if you think about it—even though you are eating nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary—eating like a caveman is more about what you are not eating.

Think about it this way. We didn’t grow our food because we as yet did not have farms the caveman society was not agrarian. There were also no factories to produce processed foods—there were no freezers to produce frozen foods and there were no grocery stores. So, we were not eating potatoes or food with sodium or added sugar. There are no artificial coloring or sweeteners or GMOs etc — you get the picture?

So How Do You Lose Weight with This Diet?

Easy—as we said, we are eating stuff we can grow, and nothing processed so here is how this works. One of the main reasons why we gain weight is because we consume things we shouldn’t. However, we don’t always realize we are doing this.

Every time we consume a starchy veggie like a potato or eat from a can, we are consuming what we call empty calories and creating a craving as well as a process in our body that spirals out of control. It causes glucose imbalances and metabolic swings that will cause weight gain.

So the reason you lose weight fast by following the caveman diet is because you negate all the stuff we mentioned and the fat has no reason to be there. One of the active fat burners on the caveman “diet” are berries especially blueberries because they are natural super foods. Nuts and grains are also there to clean out your system and keep you feeling full thus keeping you clean and lean.

Some Things to Think About Before Eating Like a Caveman 

Eating like a caveman might have helped people lose weight, and it might be a solution that you try out as well. However, before you do, there are some things to consider.

According to more recent reports, there are questions surrounding the benefits of this diet. According to the NHS, many of the studies that have been done on the paleo diet that has you eating like a caveman have actually been small. Also, long-term research is necessary in order to really know if this diet is beneficial both in the short term and in the long run.

For example, even though a 2015 review found that there is a moderate amount of evidence to support the short-term weight loss and improvements in health that might be achievable with this diet, there are restrictions associated with this diet that might end up doing more harm than good in the long run.

Here are a few things to consider before deciding that you will start eating like a caveman:

  • The paleo diet is really based on educated guesses. The truth is that no one really knows for sure what cavemen ate.
  • The health claims that are associated with the paleo diet actually lack scientific evidence.
  • Whole grains play an important part of a balanced and healthy diet. Eating like a caveman typically requires that you cut out all whole grains, which isn’t the best idea. In fact, cutting out entire food groups might boost your risk of ending up with a nutritional deficiency.
  • The latest research shows that eating less meat is better for human health, so the idea that you should eat a lot of meat is in opposition to what experts are saying now.
  • You might need to take nutritional supplements while following the paleo diet in order to avoid potential nutritional deficiencies associated with cutting out certain food groups.

We will say that there are some helpful pieces of advice that come with the paleo diet. For example, it does advocate for eating less food that is high in sugar, high in fat, and processed. And, it does tell you to eat more veggies and fruits. These are steps in the right direction, regardless of what diet you opt to follow.

Should You Be Eating Like a Caveman? 

Although very popular years ago, particularly when it came to weight loss, there is some new information regarding the paleo diet, so you should do your research, and maybe even consult with a physician or nutritionist, before deciding that you will give it a try. It might better to make some tweaks to this diet so that you aren’t cutting out food groups like legumes and whole grains—and you’ll appreciate the variety that comes with doing so as well.

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