Affordable Healthy Weight Loss Foods for Your July 4th Party


Healthy Weight Loss Foods for July 4

Planning on partying this 4th of July? Before you go grocery shopping for all of the usual party foods that aren’t all that good for you and your guests, check out the information below. We’ve compiled a short list of some of the many affordable healthy weight loss foods that are tasty and fun to eat. Consider adding these to your shopping list when you start planning your July 4th shindig.

Olives and Herbs

Get your dose of healthy fats while enjoying a tasty treat this 4th of July by adding olives to your list of party appetizers. Simply toss some of your favorite olives with some extra virgin olive oil, basil, pepper, garlic, and oregano in a bowl, and serve. So simple, and one of the healthy weight loss foods you can enjoy without guilt.

Potato Salad

Potato salad is a barbecue staple, but it isn’t always healthy for you. If you want your 4th of July party to be filled with tasty and healthy weight loss foods, consider boiling 2 pounds of red potatoes in salted water until they’re just tender. Then drain them so they can cool. In a bowl, whisk together ½ cup of yogurt (you could try plant-based yogurt), along with ¼ cup pesto, and the juice and grated zest of a lemon. Season with some salt and pepper, add it to your potatoes, and add in a diced red onion before mixing it all together and serving.

Spinach Dip

Make a traditional spinach dip healthier by preparing it using plant-based ingredients rather than fatty dairy. As an example, you could mix together a 5-ounce can of rinsed water chestnuts and a small peeled shallot in your food processor to coarsely chop everything up. Then, add ½ cup of your favorite dairy-free cream cheese, ¼ cup of plant-based yogurt, a tablespoon of lemon juice, and salt and pepper. Finally, add in 6 ounces of baby spinach and 2 tablespoons of chopped chives. Pulse it all together until mixed well, and serve.


When it comes to healthy weight loss foods for your 4th of July party, it’s hard to beat summer fruits. Full of flavor and nutrition, there are so many sweet fruits to choose from, so go ahead and offer your guests everything from strawberries and blueberries, to watermelon and plums.

Hopefully, this list of healthy food options for your 4th of July party will help you prepare some tasty treats for your family and friends.


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