How to Measure Weight Loss Success Without a Scale


Measure Weight Loss Success Without a Scale

Did you know that you don’t need to rely solely upon your scale in order to measure weight loss success? It’s true! There are actually plenty of other ways that you can check how well you’re doing on your slim-down journey. Just check out the information below to see what we mean.

You Have More Energy

Eating right and exercising isn’t only going to positively impact your waistline; it can also help you feel more energized every day. According to Prevention, one of the criteria that you can use to measure weight loss success is whether or not you are feeling more energetic. If you are, keep doing what you’re doing, as the foods that you’ve been eating have been keeping your blood sugar levels stable, and the exercise that you’ve been doing has also been helping you feel more ready to tackle your to-do list.

You Have More Strength and Endurance

Other signs that you are on the right track include having more stamina and more strength, both at the gym and while accomplishing everyday tasks, like carrying your groceries from the car to your house. If you are noticing that you are able to get through your workouts more easily, and if you are also noticing that you can be physically active for a longer period of time without getting winded, these are all great signs of progress.

Your Muscles Are Looking Better

As you gain more muscular strength, you will start to notice that your body becomes more defined. When you look in the mirror, you might note that your thighs are looking thinner and more toned, and that your arms and shoulders are looking nice and strong, too. So, rather than going by the number on the scale, which can actually increase when you gain muscle, consider taking photos during your journey so that you can see the changes that are occurring in the muscles throughout your body.

Your Digestion Is Healthier

Have you noticed that you have become more regular in terms of your bowel movements? Perhaps you were dealing with bloating, indigestion, and constipation, all of which are signs that your digestive tract isn’t as healthy as it could be, but now you don’t have those symptoms. Tracking your digestive health is a good way to measure weight loss success because, when it improves, it’s an indication that your exercise and diet routine are working.

There you have it: ways to measure weight loss success without having to step on the scale every day. While knowing your weight is a part of the process, it shouldn’t be the only thing that you consider when evaluating whether or not you’re on the right track.

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