Moon Phases and Energy Levels: Is There Any Proven Connection?


Link Between Moon Phases and Energy Levels

Many people feel that lunar cycles impact the way we feel. How many times have you heard someone ask “is it a full moon?” when someone does something particularly strange. Are claims that moon phases and energy levels or behaviors actually linked? Has there ever been any proven connection between our thoughts and actions and the position of the moon in the sky?

As much as this may seem old fashioned, superstitious or just plain silly, we have to admit that the moon does have a powerful impact on the Earth. So if the gravitational pull of the moon is powerful enough to cause the tides, is it crazy to think moon phases and energy levels are linked?

Reliable studies have looked into the link between moon phases and energy levels as well as many other lunar connections. Researchers have looked into dozens of points in human biology and behavior. That said, the vast majority found no connection at all between what the moon is doing and what people are doing. At best, studies have been inconclusive. Those that have indicated that there may be a link between the two have mainly been discredited later on. Their methods were flawed or they proved impossible to reproduce.

Research has looked into everything from births, deaths, heart attacks, suicides, violent behaviors, seizures, admissions to psychiatric hospitals and many more. They have tried to watch for patterns between these occurrences and the phases of the moon. Repeatedly, no connection has been found.

That said, there has been one connection that has been discovered that may have accounted for past issues that no longer continue. It is believed that before there were streetlights and other electric lights that keep cities lit all the time in an even way, the moon may have played a role in nighttime lighting. The more full the moon, the greater the struggle to sleep may have been. This may have caused mild sleep deprivation that could potentially have led to some odd behaviors and drooping energy levels.

However, with modern lighting, this is hardly considered to be a potential issue anymore. Still, a tiny 2013 study involving only 33 volunteers did indicate that regardless of whether people could see a full moon, they still didn’t sleep as well when it was full. A more recent study – March 2016 – on 5,800 kids aged 9 to 11 years in 12 countries around the world found that a full moon caused an average of five minutes of sleep loss. Clearly this is not enough to impact overall energy levels.

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